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camelot_haven's Journal

A safe haven for non-slash Merlin fans
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A place for non-slash Merlin (BBC) fans to share their love for the fandom

Camelot Haven
Welcome to Camelot Haven!

This community is for everyone who is looking for a safe haven in the Merlin fandom. Meaning that we are a totally slash free community.

All members are welcome, but please read the rules before posting.

1. Enjoy yourself!

2. This is a Merlin community. All posts must be related to either the BBC show Merlin or the respective actors of the show.

3. Please put all spoilers regarding future projects (i.e. TV show or movie plots etc.) behind an LJ-Cut.

4. All fanfiction is allowed except for slash/femslash. Further, all fanfiction must include at least one Merlin character, crossovers allowed.

5. This community is open for all kinds of images as well as graphics such as icons, banners, headers, ect. except pornographic manipulations. Teasers are allowed (1 teaser for banners/pictures, up to 3 teasers for icons), please put any further images behind an LJ-Cut.

6. We respect the privacy of all actors and actresses. Do not post any pictures that invade their privacy. All other pictures are very much welcome but please remember to include the source and credit the original poster/website.

7. A friendly reminder: We were all taught how to play nice with other kids… We reserve the right to delete inappropriate or offending entries and comments.


Affiliates are very much welcome. Please contact us on camelot.haven(at)gmail.com

morganafay - merlingwen - merlin_women


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We are in no way affiliated or in contact with any of the actors. For any questions or comments please contact us at camelot.haven(at)gmail.com or ali@linney.me.uk

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